The funny story that’s called life

Okay, so this is my first blog post. It’s a little long as per my habit forever, but with time I will try my best to keep them short and precise.

Every experience has a first time- that’s very important to remember. Especially when one is scared and nervous. But I’m also trying to avoid procrastination, so the key to that is do and not think. Which means write and not think. But also, think before you write of course.

I think a little background is necessary here. The reason I started writing a blog. I’ve hit this time in my life where I’ve had some major changes in the way I think, the way I perceive everything around me, the very way I see myself even. And this change didn’t happen overnight; in fact it is still happening (because evolution is a continuous process). But also, it wasn’t easy getting here.

I was the kind of person who always focused on the negatives in life. Whatever was going wrong, whatever dreams that didn’t take shape, whatever issues I was dealing with, and the fact that everyone around me seemed to live a life that I would have loved for myself. And I was that way for 28 years.

But here’s the thing, and I realized this after I temporarily left the world of mystery novels and started reading some self help books. That life for you is going to be whatever way you view it as. It’s like what you see when you put on a pair of coloured glasses, and the world suddenly becomes all colourful. Take that out, and your back to your regular visions.

So if I choose to focus on the negatives, I will only see the negatives. If I choose the positives, I will only see the positive side of everything. Well, as much as possible anyway. Because seeing positivity in everything is like a habit that needs to be developed, it will not come naturally. As humans, we tend to see the worst not the best.

Coming back to the changes in life that lead to this decision of a blog, I mentioned that it was a tough journey to reach this place in life. When you’ve had major crappy moments in life leading to heartbreaks, disappointments, disruptions, arguments, stress, anxiety, and many other negative reactions; at one point, you realize the simple truth, that you must let go in order to survive. Either that, or try to remember only the good things that came out of it, and forget the rest.

For me, this epiphany got to the point where one day, after listening to a music that touched me immensely, I actually smiled to myself when I though about all the crap that I’ve gone through in my life. Like I was actually grateful. ME. Out of all the people. Not to mention I never thought I would be the one out here, motivating people.

So basically, thats why I’m here. I realized that there must be millions out there who face similar, and so much worse stuff in life and I want my blog to motivate all those. Everyone in any part of the world, who are going through something, I want you to know that you are not alone. That you can change your life, and it all starts with a simple thought. And a proper execution after that, but we will get to that later down the road.

So good luck, to both you and me, and I will be sharing your journey with you, growing, evolving and learning from you and be there right beside you in spirit. Here’s to the hopeful anticipation of an amazing journey together. Cheers!

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