The Art of Moving On

This phrase is something I’m sure we are all familiar with. We first deal with the pain of going through whatever causes the reason to have to move on, learn to acknowledge that it’s now time to move on, then start the painful process of actually TRYING to begin to move on. If we figure out how to do that in the first place that is. If all of that is not an art, then I don’t know what is?

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The 2019 Takeaway

The older we get, the more we realise the value of the universe around us. In a world where materialistic elements serve as our oxygen, we often fail to grasp the fact that what actually matters is the source of it all. The uncertainty, insecurity, fear, trauma, disappointments, heartbroken moments, failures.

Meanwhile, the struggles of life clashes with the logistics of the system and our eyes are covered by a thin layer of mist, thus masking what lies underneath all the fog. Happiness becomes all about showcasing it for the world, and our pain, sadness and heartache remains invisible to the naked eye, because well, how can we show our vulnerabilities to the world?

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Gratitude is thy safe haven

Okay, so as promised in my last post, here it is. Need to take a quick second to admit that it took a bit of work to convince myself to actually sit down to write it. I have always been the opposite of being grateful. Never actually knew the concept of it I suppose. Now when I look back at all the times I complained about things, that were nowhere near as difficult as the other crap in life, I feel silly. Then you get enlightened and grateful one fine sunny morning (especially if the weather directly affects your mood) and then lo- behold, soon enough you are disappointed by the letdowns of life and go back to complaining again. And suddenly realize all over again the hard way, how much worse things can actually get.

Therefore today I will list the things I am personally grateful for. What we see, we believe. So if we see the positives, we believe them more and more right?

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It all seems too easy

It actually does, doesn’t it? Everything that we see in social media, the seemingly all time highs , the happy and smiles and poses and outfits and sunshine and food and restaurants and well the list goes on and I don’t even need to add all of them here because I’m sure you already know.

But here’s the funny part- if someone goes to my social media page, they will find the same, fluffy stuff, where I posted a happy picture the day after I spent the night before, crying until dawn. Why do we do even do that? Why can’t we tell the world when we are going through a hard time instead of only focusing on the “good” things?

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