Seeking Validation

With everything going on in the world right now, writing on any topic other than Covid-19 or quarantine does feel weird. I do hope to cover that topic as my future content. But writing this post is a big one for me. For one thing, it is that aspect of my life which has always been there, under the surface but effective and dominating just the same. The reason of this post is this: we seek validation from multiple people, in so many different ways, that it becomes a part of our existence. At least it has been the case for me, that lead me to realize how much this bothers me. Mostly because I let it influence me to this day, and I think it’s time to change that.

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Peeling off the layers

No my friend, I am not talking about the onion layers. Though undoubtedly it would make you cry which is kind of the point of this conversation (I’m kidding), but the onion would be a more metaphorical reference to all the layers in our lives.

We are all made up of several masks. I don’t mean that everybody is fake. But we go about our lives behaving as though that is exactly the state of mind we are in. It’s layers and layers of politeness, keeping face, behaving normally, doing chitchat, going about our work, etc.

But what happens when we turn the lights out? When all the hustle and bustle of our day is over for the evening, and it’s just us and the darkness..and our own thoughts. All the feelings we store hidden, all the way inside at the bottom, come tumbling out one after one. Where there’s nobody around but ourselves.

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The Art of Moving On

This phrase is something I’m sure we are all familiar with. We first deal with the pain of going through whatever causes the reason to have to move on, learn to acknowledge that it’s now time to move on, then start the painful process of actually TRYING to begin to move on. If we figure out how to do that in the first place that is. If all of that is not an art, then I don’t know what is?

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The 2019 Takeaway

The older we get, the more we realise the value of the universe around us. In a world where materialistic elements serve as our oxygen, we often fail to grasp the fact that what actually matters is the source of it all. The uncertainty, insecurity, fear, trauma, disappointments, heartbroken moments, failures.

Meanwhile, the struggles of life clashes with the logistics of the system and our eyes are covered by a thin layer of mist, thus masking what lies underneath all the fog. Happiness becomes all about showcasing it for the world, and our pain, sadness and heartache remains invisible to the naked eye, because well, how can we show our vulnerabilities to the world?

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