Waterfront Thoughts

When I woke up this one morning with a headache and then was on my way to meet my parents, I didn’t know I would be standing in front of a waterfront in the evening. The idea was to go to a library with my laptop, and do some writing. Somehow, spontaneously enough, I decided to come here instead. Now, as I’m trying not to feel my numb fingers (courtesy of the soothing, but cool breeze), I’m typing on my laptop with a lake view in front of me. I’ve always read somewhere or watched in movies that nature always helps you to write. Maybe the little birdie who just sat on my bench to say hi, (even though he thinks staring in the opposite direction is the way to do that) will agree with me here. I guess I’m about to find out if it’s true.

But as I walked along the docks, and heard the quiet sounds of the waves from the water, I found myself thinking how the mere sound of these waves were able to calm my mind down and a big part of my headache, alongside with it. It was just, the utter meaning of the word “soothing.” I found myself thinking I should bring my parents here, then remembered it is a bit of a walk for them at this age. But they would have loved it, for sure. Poor people have known nothing but the hustle and bustle their whole lives; even when parents go on vacation, it is always about the kids and hardly about themselves.

So I guess that’s what nature does, when you’re writing. It opens up all these portals of thoughts-thoughts that you think anyway but you don’t always get a chance to reflect on. I find that when your mind is the most relaxed, it is the most productive, but it also tends to sway in different directions, probably owing to the fact that you are unperturbed and feel like everything is possible in this world.

This is where gratitude and dreams come in, I suppose. As I was walking along the docks, I saw two people,  (probably the son and the wife), supporting an extremely disabled person as he tried to stagger his way across towards his wheelchair. My first reaction was why they brought him here, as he was having such a hard time to walk! But then I remembered, that was very mean of me. Just because he is unable to walk by himself, doesn’t enable him to be deprived of all the benefits nature has to offer us. Or other parts of life, for that matter. Maybe bringing him here helped him feel better as well, connect with the world around him a little bit more.

I hear the sound of the ships taking people across the lake, in large bulks, all heads huddled together as one. I wonder if I should have tried for a trip. If my mother found out, she will flip, going near the water without someone else beside. Life always got in the way and other more important things like jobs, education and money came into play. But it didn’t matter to me. As far as I’m concerned, something could happen to me while crossing the street, or I could fall into a ditch somewhere, does not necessarily have to be a lake. There are other ways to go and avoiding the experience of stepping into a ship for fear of falling down, shouldn’t stop me. But then again, this is for me, may not be everyone’s opinion.

It’s getting chillier, and more difficult to write, if I’m honest. Probably shouldn’t get a cold just to get some experience. I’m telling myself that summer is here, so maybe coming back another day may not be a bad idea after all. Only thing is, my dad’s still a bit sick, so who knows, if all will be well to make another trip to this waterfront. But I’m optimistic. I don’t want to focus on the worst part of a situation. Guess that’s something to definitely adapt in life. And also why I’m writing this blog. To look at the things in life, we need to appreciate them, simply in order to survive. We spend too much time running after our goals, and not enough to appreciate life’s fine moments when we see them.

My personal life is far from great. But I’m working towards it. I’m not gasping for breath (not at the moment anyway), and it was not easy getting here, if you know what I mean. But right this moment, sitting in front of those calming waters, I want to appreciate everything. That I’m still alive and breathing, to be experiencing this simple, yet powerful moment. And that would be my request to you. If possible, take a break from your hectic life of work, family, children, chores, cooking, groceries, bills, sickness and just enjoy these moments while you can. Get re-energized. Find something new in that same, daily, mundane life of yours. And while you do that, always know that you’re not alone. We are all right there, with you.

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